Is Your Information Protected?

Light of Gold PR hosts the “Are You Protected?” Series

Thursday, June 14, 2018 (1115 Broadway, 12th Floor, New York, NY)The Gold Business Connect Networking Event features information and training that will Enlighten, Empower and Educate you from Today’s Experts on Topics that are important to growing your business.  

“Are You Protected?”  This Fun Conference Style Event will be chocked full of info, fun Speed Networking, Scrumptious Appetizers (we’re gonna have quite a spread…:) and an Excellent Panel of Experts will be sharing Info on how to keep you and your companies’ Online Brand, Finances, Identity Theft, and Resources Protected.  

Are your Finances Protected?  Have you thought about your Online Reputation? How about your Computer Resources and Cyber Security?  Have you considered how to Protect Your Identity?  Did you know that new Rules may mean your Website may be open to attack?  We’ll be sharing info about all of these topics on Thursday, June 14th at our Gold Business Connect Event held at Select Office Suites at 1115 Broadway, 12th Floor, New York, NY!  You don’t want to miss this vital information that can save your company thousands of dollars!  

To register, go to and check out the Photo Gallery from our last event at

We’ll have fun speed networking games, appetizers, cocktails, and more!  The Early Bird Special is only $25 – Price goes up to $30 after Friday, June 8th.

The event is presented in partnership with the New York State Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce and New York Life Insurance. The two and a half program we’ll be introducing you to our panel of experts who will be featured speakers at our Workshop Series as well as our Webinar Series!

Dixon-Anderson says  “I don’t think that we realize how at-Risk our Resources, Reputation, Identity, and Finances are on a daily basis.  We’re so pleased to be able to offer vital empowering information to business owners, professionals, and non-profits on these topics” 

The Panel of Experts include:  

Debra Dixon-Anderson, Founder and CEO of Light of Gold PR, The Gold Business Connect, and The Staying True to Brand You Program

Marlon Altoe,  Financial Services Professional helping individuals and business to create, build, and preserve wealth.

Giovanni Taveras, New York State Veteran’s Chamber Founder and Cyber Security Expert 

To register for the event, visit Early bird special is only $25 and is running now!  For more information, feel free to email us at or  or call us at (212) 786-6838 or (646) 399-1678.  


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