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Capability Statement

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Simply Simone Designs


- ​Consulting and Project Management

- Marketing Strategies

- Merchandise Pricing Strategies

- Logo Design​

- Website Updates and Technical Support

- Promotion Marketing Content for Square Space Website

Umoja Events for Juneteenth Project

Research and Writing
Layout and Design to include High Resolution Images
​Targeted Press Release and

- Research and Writing

- Layout and Design to include High Resolution Images

- ​Targeted Press Release and Media E-Blast to Targeted Brooklyn Media

- E-Blast to Elected Officials (Targeting Brooklyn Council Members and Politicians)

- Media Pitching, Outreach and Follow-up with Brooklyn Media                  

Brooklyn Granola LLC.


- Content Consulting and Revisions

- Crafting Marketing and Defining target market

- Website Assessment and Revisions

- Initial Instagram Optimization and Implementation

- Layout and design of promotional image for Food Expo

​- Analyzed logo inconsistencies 

- ​SWOT Analysis

- ​Payment Solution for Online Transactions

- ​Digital Marketing and Social Media​



- Crafting Marketing and Defining target market

- Website Builder to Support Layout and Design​

- ​​Secure Domain, Registration and Set Up for Website

- Content writing for Website

- ​Revamped the aesthetic for Website 

Tamara Baines Law​​



- Secure Domain, Registration and Set Up for Website

- Content Writing for Website

- Website Layout,Design and Development

- Marketing and Brand Consulting

- SWOT Analysis

New York State Veteran's Chamber of Commerce



- Writing and Content for Business Plan and Marketing Strategy

- Crafting Marketing and Defining Target Market

- Website Layout, Design and Development

- Content Writing for Website

Secure Domain, Registration and Set Up for Website

- Logo Design

- Create Membership Levels

Tena J-Teez by Jan


- Website Domain Setup

- Website Layout and Design

- Crafting for Content

- Image Incorporation

- PayPal and Merchant Solution for Online Transaction

- Organization Marketing

National Allotment Insurance Agency (NAIA)   ​


- Consultation

- Website Layout and Design

- Logo Design

- Interview and mp3 Content and Creation

- Digital Marketing and Social Media

- Wrote Marketing Content and Messaging

3D Careers Business Coaching


- Creating and Crafting Content and Promotional Postcards and Business Cards

- Logo Design

- Business Card Printing

- Postcard Printing

- Secure Domain, Registration and Set Up for Website

- Website Layout, Design and Development

- Website and Brand Consulting

-Square Registration and Set Up

- Assistance with Social Media Promotion

- Content and Writing of Press Release

BeSure Home Health ServicesHealthcare


- Brand Reinvention, Redevelopment and Positioning

- Brand and Marketing Collateral Integration

- Marketing Analysis and Target Market Examination

- Business Consulting and Business Coaching

- Revised Marketing Collateral

- Developed New Logo and Letterhead

- Website Development, Layout and Design

- Website Content and Brochure Writing, Research and Development

- Website Key Words

- Development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Golden Krust Restaurant (Franchise)


- Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Etc. used these social networks to create giveaways/fan updates (use Chipotle for example) offer links for other things fans may like (this way they feel that they are getting  EVEN MORE out of "liking OR following" you. Educate people who donate about what your restaurant has to offer/ offer special discounts and contests

-Sponsor a Facebook Friday Special ONLY for customers connected to Golden Krust via Facebook 

- Implement utilizing more Tools and communicate new Tools to Restaurant Team

- Educate Restaurant Team on how to communicate new Automation Tools and Social Media

- Offer Catering as an Option to Customers from High Image Area Companies 

Swing For Kids Golf Tournament (Non­-profit organization)


- Performed Media Relations by contacting and scheduling local city officials to participate and appear at the event

- Coordinated media interviews, follow-up, and tracking

- Created key messages for the late Afeni Shakur (mother of the late Tupac Shakur) who was key sponsor of the event

- Created and distributed press release to media in Lumberton, North Carolina and Regional Media

- Performed follow-up and pitch to Radio, TV, and Newspaper and scheduled Interviews

- Took photos and sent to newspapers and magazines

Harlem Karate Academy (Non-profit organization)


- Created key messages and press release

- Sent Press Release to Media and Performed Media Pitch and Scheduled Interviews

- Media scheduling and follow-up

- On-site interview coaching/media preparation

- Created and Consulted on sponsorship package and updated website to receive sponsorship dollars (via Merchant Account version of PayPal account)

- Editing, conversion, and posting of pertinent video footage

- Event planning and scheduling, promotions, catering assistance, and venue setup of fundraiser

- Performed all follow-up and scheduling

SOW Entertainment/ Tomoko (Music Entertainment)


- Website Audit for Tomokomusic.com

- Social Media Optimization

- Phone/Skype and Face-to-Face Business/Branding/Project Consultation

- Project Management and Team Guidance

- Website Consulting for Tomokomusic.com

- All major search engines - Google, Yahoo! etc.

- All major online news sites like Yahoo! News and Topix

- More than 250,000 subscribers and over 30,000 journalists

- Press Release will live online

- Layout and Design of Corporate Sponsorship Package

- Content and Development

- Development of Pitch and Script to Potential Corporate Organizations to Secure Monies

- Consulting with Interns of Client for Proper Pitching

- Light of Gold PR receives 25% of Company/Corporate Monies Received

AmFrann Consulting International (Trading and Consulting)


- Logo Design

- Business Card Layout & Design (does not include Printing service, can quote separately)

- Letterhead Layout & Design (does not include Printing service, can quote separately)

- Content Editing

- Light Consulting

Labor Bathgate Child Care Center (Daycare)

- Proposal Review, Assessment, and Project Research

- Client Consulting, Client Meetings (Phone/Face-to-Face based on schedule)

- Client and City Contact Follow-up

- Proposal Writing and Preparation

- Proposal Design and Formatting

Gold Social Media Networking Event (New York and Atlanta)

- Held 2 Social Media Events in New York and Atlanta on utilizing social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other Social Media sites to build brand awareness and grow your business.

- Event Management

- Marketing of Event

- Created and Posted Press Releases

- Set up payment system online - PayPal

- Kept track of RSVPs and offer comps strategically

- Prepped giveaway certificates or items and/or gift-bags

- Created PowerPoint presentation and flyer

- Arranged for refreshments and utensils

- Performed follow-up to attendees

- Took photos and posted to our website

- Created sponsorship packages

Crossing Bridges International Sister City Project (Nuremberg, Germany and Atlanta, GA)

- Advised German consultant on how best to form strategic alliances, partnerships, and promotions for Sister City conference launch between Nuremberg, Germany and Atlanta, GA

- Created key messages and guided organizations in both Germany and Atlanta, GA on how to best work together to cross promote conference in their individual cities

- Created press release and sent out to local Atlanta media

- Participated and featured in case study comparing differences in work-life balance of women in Nuremberg, Germany and Atlanta, Georgia

- Selected organization to partner with and help set up the structure and foundation for the conference

- Served as a speaker in Germany in the Crossing Bridges Conference. Used Topic - "How to best perform PR for your Business"