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Light of Gold PR

112 West 34th Street, Manhattan, New York, New York 10120, United States


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Colleges We Have Worked With:

​Baruch College, Berkeley College, Bloomfield College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Fordham University, Lehman College, Ithaca College, Howard University,

Pace University, University of Detroit, Iona College, St. John’s University, St. Francis College, and Seton Hall University 

“While interning for Light of Gold PR I have had hands-on experience of how it is to run a small sized PR agency in New York City by assisting the CEO in daily tasks as well as working closely with potential and existing clients. Together with the team, I have gained experience in writing press releases, planning and hosting events, reaching out to potential clients and sponsors, networking with other companies and promoting Light of Gold PR, creating strategic partnerships with different service providers and organizations, as well as creating content for social media advertisement, and the list goes on. This is an internship where you actually gain valuable experience that will come in handy in any other future position you seek. At Light of Gold PR, your input and initiatives are valued.”

Keana S. - Berkeley College

“Working at Light of Gold PR was one of the most insightful experiences that I've encountered thus far. It was very hands-on, and I got the chance to gain experience in almost all of the departmental roles of the company. It was a pleasure to work side by side with Mrs. Debra, and i will be sure to use my acquired skills and knowledge in the next endeavor.”

Shaniqua S. - Berkeley College

"I think it is amazing to be in the middle of finding yourself as a young adult and be in the midst of great leadership. Mrs.Debra at Light of Gold PR has taught me what it means to go after the things that you want and push forward no matter what obstacles come my way. Light of Gold PR is a massive company inside of a small company and I say that because you will always be busy working on projects you never knew you had the ability to achieve but its 4 to 6 interns gives it a small family feel. I never had a boss that was relatable, that equally learns from us and believes in us as we learn and believe in her and the goals of Light of Gold PR. I have created a website, worked on projects which has been an expansion of my creative skills, planned events, and worked on projects for clients of Light of Gold PR. No matter what experience you have or what you have accomplished, there are things at Light of Gold PR you will learn and grow from.”

Ashley H. - Lehman College

"Being at Light of Gold PR for the Fall semester has really been an amazing experience and I am so glad that I ended up getting the opportunity to work with Debra and the rest of the interns this semester! Debra really provided such an amazing experience by pushing us to really think outside the box and gave us endless opportunities to be project managers on different tasks and projects. Which really gave us the freedom to express our opinions and ideas!"      

​Kristen M. - Berkeley College 

"There are numerous amounts of pros to list and I could go on forever but for short I will only dissect three of them. The first being unrestricted opportunity. Debra is a marketing beast and she has a lot to offer a hungry Public Relations Intern. She is very flexible and open minded to allow her interns to express themselves and create on all of her existing platforms. Number two, she hires Millennials. This is a great thing to have generations come together in a great work space and acts as another opportunity to grow and professionally expand. Finally, Debra herself is a gem. She is loaded with high spirits and fine energy. This in my opinion is key, nothing is worse than having an employer who is scary or brash. This makes it a breeze to come in to work with a relaxed mindset and ready to work attitude. Give it a try!"

Brandon M.

"I interned for Light of Gold during summer 2017, and I have to say I have had a great experience both learning the tools of PR and also networking with people in the industry. Whether it’s going to events in Brooklyn or Manhattan, or simply work in the offices, I found myself feeling much more comfortable in PR. This was my first internship and I am glad this was my first because it was a great introduction into the professional world.
Debra is a one-of-a-kind boss and I am very fortunate I had her as a mentor. She is an extremely positive, outgoing, and understanding person who is constantly networking and trying to improve her business. She is always trying to teach her interns and expose them to networking opportunities. I know that my position at Light of Gold will set me up for my career as both a resume booster and an educational experience."

Sam B.

"I interned for Light of Gold PR Marketing and Consulting LLC from May to July 2016. I had a great experience working for Debra. She was a fantastic mentor to me and the other Interns there. I became more organized and flexible when it comes to completing  priority tasks. Debra would give her interns constructive feedback on how he / she could improve on their tasks and be more productive. She cares about her interns and wants nothing but the best for them. I've obtained many valuable skills in this internship that will help me towards my future career goals.  Some of those skills include completing follow-up emails, phone calls and thank you notes to entrepreneurs, attending networking events to connect with other business leaders and professionals, and updating invoices, quotations, and estimates for clients.
If you are the kind of person who is willing to learn and is not afraid of constructive criticism, than this internship would be a perfect fit for you. The only way that you grow as a person is to learn from your mistakes and correcting them, not by blaming other people. I want to thank Debra for everything that she taught me and I know that we will stay in touch."

Kevin Z