Light of Gold Assists with Women's March on NYC Event

PR and Event Firm successfully assists with promotion and strategy for the Women’s March on NYC


January 19, 2019 (New York, NY) – Women of today are creating change with an impact never done before. Women’s rights need to be recognized especially with the political climate we find ourselves in now. With this in mind, Light of Gold PR decided to support the 3rd annual Women’s March to help give equality rights for all. Light of Gold PR hosted the Women’s March Alliance Press Conference in partnership with the New York Veteran’s Chamber and Giovanni Taveras on Friday January 11th from 10:00am-12:00pm located at 171 Madison Avenue, 33rd and 34th Street, Suite 1607, New York, NY.

The Press Conference featured a packed house with the CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, NBC, Fox News, and more at the event. The Conference provided the public with knowledge of the Women’s March on NYC and to address any concerns while giving one-on-one interviews with the president of the Women’s March Alliance, Katherine Siemionko and board members, Freedom Shannon and Sulma Arzu-Brown.

To check out highlights of the Press Conference, click here:

Debra Dixon-Anderson, Founder and CEO of Light of Gold PRunderstands what it takes to host a successful press conference. With over 18 years of experience in public relations, marketing, and branding she knew she could help the Women’s March Alliance reach their message to targeted media audiences and the idea was to do this quickly to as much media at the same time. “It was an honor to work on the PR Team for the Women’s March Alliance’s 3rd Annual Women’s March on NYC. We knew we could bring value by bringing our PR, Marketing, Event Planning, and Digital Experience, and doing a Press Conference felt like it might be the right event to host to be able to articulate the Key Messages of the Women’s March Alliance to the Media at the Same Time.,” said Dixon-Anderson. The Press Conference proved to be successful bringing over 35 Media Outlets to the Press Conference at the same time and allowing the Media to ask questions, listen to the goals for the Women’s March on NYC while providing an opportunity to provide one-on-one Interviews with Women’s March Alliance Founder, Katherine Siemionko as well as the board members. 

According to Women’s March Alliance, an estimated 100,000 demonstrated public support for women’s rights this year. During the March one of the Keynote Speakers was, Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez, new congresswomen from NYC at the Women’s March. Between 300 and 400 Media Outlets showed up to the Press Booth on Saturday, January 19th. In addition, the Women’s March Alliance hosted a Voter’s Registration Drive, registering over 100 people during the March, while all-female dancers and drummer performed in the streets. 


“Never forget that for 3 years, we created and provided our city with a safe, loving and respectful platform for their voice to become their power. We believe the enormous impact will ripple change through the generations,”said Katherine Siemionko, Founder of the Women’s March Alliance

The Women’s March on NYC might officially be over, but Light of Gold PR is continuing their passion for women’s rights and will host a Women’s History Month Event in Brooklyn at the end of March about Women, Politics, Power and Business.