Gold Wellness Charity Spa

Gold Wellness Charity Spa Event for the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge


November 19, 2018 (New York, NY) – Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation often experience such painful and life impacting side effects that the benefits of therapeutic wellness services cannot be overlooked. Considering this fact, Light of Gold PR is hosting a “Spa-like Day” for cancer patients to indulge in relaxing, healing, and supportive activities. Light of Gold PR has created a First of it’s Kind Charity Gold Wellness Event for Cancer Patients on Monday November 19th from 5:00pm-8:00pm at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge located at 132 West 32nd Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY.

The 3-hour program will feature a variety of stations that will allow wellness practitioners to provide comforting and healing services to cancer patients that are currently in treatment. Specialties will include massage therapy, reflexology, reiki, acupuncture, yoga, prayer, cosmetics/makeup counsel, education on healthy food, that culminates in a healthy super nutritious dinner! 

Debra Dixon-Anderson, Founder and CEO of Light of Gold PR knows all too well about the ravages and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. She was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in October 2017, and in the year since has undergone 16 rounds of chemotherapy, 25 radiation treatments, and a lumpectomy. “I know exactly what these Cancer Warriors are going through. But, what I couldn’t imagine is what it would be like to have to relocate for 4-6 months or more to get treatment. Thank God for The American Cancer society’s Hope Lodge, which provides a home away from home while cancer patients get their treatment,“said Dixon-Anderson. Debra continues, “I’m excited and honored for my firm, along with caring Wellness Practitioner who are Volunteering their time, to be able to create an Event to bring some peace, healing, and comfort to Cancer Patients currently on their Cancer Treatment Journey

According to, an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States in 2018 and approximately 38.4% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime. However, there is good news in that there were an estimated 15.5 million cancer survivors in the U.S (2016) and the number is expected to increase to 20.3 million by 2026. Complementary therapies are also playing an increasing role. In fact, a group of researchers that included scientists from Columbia University, Anderson Cancer Center, and Memorial Sloan Kettering analyzed more than 200 studies to see which integrative treatments offered benefits and recommendations about more than 80 therapies were published by the Society for Integrative Oncology (2014).

While scientific research on complementary therapies like reiki, massage, meditation, reflexology, and yoga is relatively new, early results show that they may help ease physical and emotional symptoms in some people. Other benefits include decreased stress and anxiety, improved mood, and an enhanced perception of overall health.

Our ultimate goal is to provide relief and comfort for those diagnosed with cancer by providing helpful hands-on spa like treatments, self-care tips, healthy food, and offering an unforgettable experience,” said Dixon-Anderson.