Women's Wellness Breakfast 2018

Light of Gold PR hosts the upcoming Gold Women’s Wellness Business Breakfast


Thursday, October 11, 2018 (Brooklyn, NY)​ – Women of today have a lot on their plate. Many of us are running a household, taking care of a spouse or significant other, children, and possibly aging parents on top of running a business or having a full-time job. Our health, wellness and self-care often comes last and we forget to take care of ourselves. How can we run businesses and prioritize what is important? How do we plan for unexpected major life events like a serious health diagnosis or a disability? If you’re interested in learning how to balance your Health and Wellness while also operating and growing your business, then join Light of Gold PR at our Gold Women’s Wellness Business Breakfast ​to be held on Thursday, October 11​th​ from 8:30am -10:30am at The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, located at 335 Adams Street, Suite 2700,​ Brooklyn, New York, 11201. ​The Event also includes Breakfast Refreshments, Prize Drawings, and a Fun Speed Networking Session that starts at 8:30 am.

The event is presented in partnership with the New York Life Insurance​ in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month​. The two-hour program will feature Panel Experts that specialize in, making the time to tend to your overall wellness and how to prepare as well as manage yourself and your environment in crisis situations. The responsibilities involved in running a business can be made even more complicated when issues of health and imbalance are introduced into the equation. Not only will the business topics be addressed, but the importance of health and wellness as it pertains to work/life balance. The impact of illness in the workplace, health crisis management for entrepreneurs will be covered and is especially important to Dixon-Anderson,​ herself being a recent breast cancer survivor who found herself going through Chemotherapy while also running her business. “I never thought I would have personal experience with Health Crisis Management but now I do and I encourage Entrepreneurs to create a Health Crisis Management Plan. It’s something our Firm had to create very quickly, but it’s been critical for us to continue managing our business.”

The Panel Experts Include:

- Debra Dixon-Anderson​, Founder ​and CEO ​of Light of Gold PR and The Gold Business Connect Program

- Liz Santiago ​of Celebritay, Health/Wellness & Nutrition Professional 

- Marlon Altoe ​of New York Life Insurance Company, Financial Expert 

Debra Dixon-Anderson​ shared,“My journey has been a long and bumpy ride. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2017. The Gold Women’s Wellness Business Breakfast is in honor of breast cancer awareness month and this is an event I am super excited to be a part of. I  had to incorporate my Self Care, Health and Crisis management into my schedule, and that included going to Chemo and Radiation Treatments, as well as Running my own Business. With my diagnosis I chose to share this journey and I’m looking forward to sharing tips and tools to help with health and crisis management.” 

Liz Santiago says, Self Care, Nutrition, Healthy Eating, and Fitness, are all very vital components of being your best self.  The Gold Women’s Wellness Business Breakfast is an important event to be apart of because it is breast cancer awareness month.”

Marlon Altoe said, “There is a business side of preparing for a Serious Illness from the Insurance to the Financial Planning, and the Gold Women’s Wellness Business Breakfast is a great platform to give tips on these subjects.”